Although Outsourced Payroll is nothing new, at Oxyon we strive to offer something more. We are aiming to Provide Cost Effective, Professional and Efficient Payroll, Administrative consulting services, irrespective of the complexity of your payroll.

The ever changing landscapes of Labour and Tax Laws are making it expensive, time consuming and laborious for Companies to handle their own Payrolls, Income tax, Fringe benefits, Pension Contributions, Medical Aid, UIF, Council Contributions and Deductions all have to be considered making the Accounting Aspect of payroll complex and complicated. We believe in partnering with our Clients for total Peace of mind when it comes to ensuring employees are Paid on time , Every Time and are assured that their Monthly and Annual Returns and Contributions are submitted correctly.

Let’s partner together to allow you to focus on what you do best, by letting us do what we do best.

What can we offer you:

  • Your payrolls delivered on time
  • Guarantee confidentiality and when dealing with Salary Information
  • Accurate Data Entry
  • Effective SARS Administration including Tax reconciliations , IRP5 requirements , Audit reports
  • Ensure 100% Security of all Transactions
  • Remuneration restructuring and advisory services
  • General employment law advice
  • Consult to our Clients on Updated Tax Legislation , and Advise on all Labour and Tax affairs

Why does Outsourcing your Payroll make sense?

  • No need to Invest and Maintain Specialist Payroll Software.
  • You do not need to purchase payroll stationery.
  • You do not need to recruit, train and pay for specialist staff. Bottom line – you save money!
  • You can focus on your business and not get bogged down in payroll administration
  • Oxyon will ensure legal compliance of payroll and salary structures.
  • Inhouse Fraud is eliminated
  • Easy to use reports are generated so Labour and Salary Costs can be easily accessed.
  • Electronic filing of IRP5 reconciliations
  • Paper or electronic data submission for amendments via email
  • Facility to import/export payroll data to Excel/CSV
  • Flexible deadlines for submitting payroll information
  • Ability to allocate costs by percentage or a fixed amount across departments / cost centres
  • Email EFT payment list to client, including payment to third parties such as SARS, pension, medical aid, etc

We understand that no Two Companies have the same needs and requirements and it’s with that in mind that we request the opportunity to come to you and discuss how Oxyon Human Capital can best add value to your organization.

For more information, contact Claire de Sousa on 087 135 8033 or