During our regular working day we are talking to Employers and Candidates on multiple Levels of Seniority, and it is now more apparent than ever that there is a need in the Market for company to offer a Fast, Effective, Ethical, Cost Effective Professional Employment Service. 

Professional Employment Services are known in South Africa by many different names, Outsourcing, Labour Broking, Contracting to name but a few. But we feel that none really encompass the full service offering we have available, we feel that we are offering our clients truly Professional Employment Services. Basically we are offering a service whereby we can offer a client the ability to outsource the full spectrum of the employment function which allows the client to focus on their core business and let us to what we are good at.

We undertake to handle the Employment Relationship from the Cradle to the Grave of the required period.

The Basics of what we do are, but not limited to:

  • The initial Recruitment of the Candidates, utilising our Network’s, Tools and Skills, we handle all legal obligations in terms of Ethical Recruiting.
  • Full Screening, with regards to criminal record checks, ID Verifications, Drivers License Verifications, Qualification Checks and any other non-standard check you may require.
  • Full Reference Checking. We obtain a minimum of 2 pre-confirmed referees.
  • Co-ordinate the interview process between the client and candidate
  • The full Contracting and Employment Agreement Aspects involved with Employment.
  • We handle all Industrial Relations including Poor Work Performance or Disciplinary Matters, with regard to the successful candidate
  • We middle man any Grievance Issues the Client or Candidate may have.
  • We handle the full payroll function from Capturing Hours from the Client supplied Time Sheets , Process Payslips , Make all legislated payments i.e. UIF and PAYE , dependent on the Candidate and Industry.
  • At the end of the Relationship we undertake a Full exit interview and we will relay the feedback directly to the client.

Benefits of Using our Services

Legal Obligations and Best Practice – Benefit to you

  • We have “water tight” contracts and Policies and Procedure available and the process we use ensure that any and all expectations are managed correctly.
  • We retain Specialists to handle any Industrial Relations Issues that may arise.
  • We utilise an internal Grievance Process to insure that workplace harmony is maintained and all relevant parties are satisfied at all times.
  • All our consultants are trained in Employee Counselling and Poor Performance Management Procedures in-order to insure that the client gets the Maximum benefit out of the employee.
  • All Employees will undertake an Exit interview, which will be undertaken by us, in-order to get feedback on their experience which will allow us to constantly improve our service and will give the client feedback which can be utilised where appropriate.

Recruitment – Benefit to you

  • Recruitment is done by professional recruiters with Networks and Industry Insight to ensure the best possible fit. We utilise a “no stone unturned” recruitment methodology, whereby we find the best candidate for the position, not just the best available candidate for the position
  • We do all Advertising utilising our Social Media Networks as well as the Traditional Job boards, we then screen through the responses and only proceed with the most suitable Candidates.
  • We handle the full Screening and Reference Checking processes which is laborious, frustrating and time consuming but essential in getting the most able and trust worthy candidates available.


  • In the current environment the ability to be flexible is a major benefit to companies. With regards to being Staff Flexible it is crucial to partner with a Renowned and Professional operator in order to insure that the best calibre of candidates are sourced and retained.
  • By utilising a Contingent Employment Service Provider it insures that Idle Time and Overtime is eliminated. It also gives you the ability to “reactivate” candidates you have found to be proficient and valuable in the past, provided they haven’t been placed elsewhere.


  • Our Payroll is handled by our In-house Bureau which has been in operation for over 20 Years and is constantly upgrading to stay at the forefront of Technology and Service Standards by constantly evolving we are able to provide our clients with what they need , when they need it.

This in essence takes away the full employment function away from the Client which gives time and cost savings as well as the understanding that any candidates that are placed within the client, for whatever duration will be well looked after will give maximum productivity to the client.

Breakdown and Explanation of Type of Contracting Services we offer

These are our base services and we draw from all of these to offer the client a holistic solution to best suit their requirement. We understand that all clients are different and it is with this in mind that we do a full study on what will be the best option for the client.

Temp to Perm

This is a very popular option, whereby an individual is sourced by us and is the placed with the client for a pre-defined period. At the end of this period the client then has the option to take the individual into their company on a permanent basis or alternatively to terminate their services. This basically gives the client a low risk, low input probation period.

Fixed Time Frame

With this option the individuals services will be needed for a fixed period of time, be it as a replacement for a key individual or an addition to a busy team. The time period is defined up front and the individual is sourced, contracted and administered by us for the duration of this period.

Fixed Project

Every company strives to build their business and with many organisations this is done one project at a time. Through our experience we have found that what perturbs leaders in most organisations is the “ how are we going to staff this project” dilemma. Let us assist you with this. We can provide you with all the levels of staff required to get your project completed without the headaches or sleepless nights. We are geared up and ready to provide staff from the shop floor all the way up to board level.

For more information, contact Claire de Sousa on 087 135 8033 or claire@oxyon.co.za