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Changing Lives  Empowering Business

With our experience and support, we help you efficiently and
effectively achieve the highest possible standards on your projects.  
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Who is Oxyon?

For more than 20 years Oxyon People Solutions has helped operations across industries excel at their project goals. With extensive knowledge in specialised engineering solutions, we can be trusted to help support your project from foundation to finality.

What do we offer?

From the early budgeting phase to realising your final project vision, we have all the trusted support you need. Our service scope extends beyond your immediate project needs and includes local community involvement, training, and more.

Why turn to us?

With the full spectrum of project services available, our guidance and knowledge ensure your project is kept within budget and on target, no matter how large or small your goals. We’re the end-to-end solution provider you require.

“From managing large scale renewable energy projects to finding niche engineering skills, you can count on us to give you efficient, expert support.”

– Viren Sookhun, Oxyon People Solutions MD

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Changing Lives. Empowering Business